You’re in the driver’s seat. Always.

At Global Wingspan, we customize our services to meet your goals. It’s the guiding principle behind everything we do, and it’s what helps you connect with your audience, define your brand, and enjoy success.

Because it’s all about you. The sports and entertainment field may have a lot of players, but it’s still full of opportunity. Our services offer the creative direction that helps your brand shine in a crowded space. Here’s what we do:

Sponsorship Consulting

Looking for a sponsor? We help you identify brands and organizations that fit your professional aspirations. Then we reach out to those companies on your behalf.

After all, an investment from the right sponsor can bring you closer to your goals. With our expertise in sponsorship procurement, you can leave the marketing to us and focus on what’s really important – the great work you do each day.

Event & Hospitality Management

Whether you’re planning a new event or need to promote an impending one, we’ll help you devise a strategy that delivers the attendance, attention, or fundraising you’re looking for.

Let’s face it. Managing corporate and private events is hard. But with a marketing plan that accounts for your goals and resources – and adds just enough creative flavor to help you stand out – planning your next big event will be that much easier.

Branding & Creative Services

You’re already the best in your niche. Hands down. The thing is, you’ve got to show your audience you’re the best. You need a way to get their attention. A way to distinguish yourself from the herd and win the business you know you deserve.

That’s where our branding expertise comes in. We’ll help you define your public image and develop collateral that delivers that image to your audience. We’ll even design your logo – an engaging logo that garners the attention you need.

Marketing & Advertising

There’s more to marketing than having print collateral. There’s more to it than having a digital strategy, some materials to hand out, and a message. Lots more.

It’s about having all of those things. And with a comprehensive, custom-built marketing strategy, we’ll help you define your objectives, develop the right content and materials, and deliver them to your audience effectively.

Scouting Services

We help scouting services and talent agencies provide information to schools, teams, and coaches. Need to create a profile for a player? We’ll perform the research, create the report, and deliver it in the proper format.

From professional, global sports franchises to college and high school athletics, we help scouting services meet their goals by preparing complete student athlete profiles in a timely manner.

College Placement for Student Athletes & Entertainers

Know what it’s called when talent is overlooked? A shame. That’s what. But with a creative, results-oriented marketing strategy, talented student athletes, artists, musicians, and entertainers can connect with a school that supports and nurtures their abilities.

At Global Wingspan, we help accomplished, hard-working students find the best opportunities at higher education institutions. And we do it by developing an innovative, custom-tailored approach that fits the objectives of students and parents.


Unique and creative. Patient and passionate. We're marketing and branding experts who help you build your name, connect with your audience, and grow.


We create innovative marketing concepts for organizations and individuals in the sports and entertainment space. Your objectives are our priority. With your goals in our sights, we apply the creative spice and strategic direction that delivers
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